~ Scholten & Baijings// 'Colour One' for Mini

During the Salone del Mobile 2012, MINI presents a probing, thought-provoking and inspiring concept created by the Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings. Dutch design duo explores the design of a MINI One by examining its composition down to the smallest details and, in so doing, dissecting the design process per se.
In the words of the designers:
A Design Installation that explores the world of a car in the area between facts and imagination. The non-automotive design duo visualizes the layered structure of the MINI ONe in startling textures, entrancing colours and skilled craftsmanship.

'For us this collaboration is the fulfilment of a dream that virtually any product designer would cherish. Being able to apply our thinking to such a ubiquitous product as the car is a fantastic opportunity for our work. The questions we asked ourselves and the solutions we worked out were an eye-opener for everyone involved. We are delighted with this unique collaboration which also reflects, not least of all, the commitment of every individual concerned. Even outsiders who are open to the work can be inspired by its underlying depth and might even be encouraged to rethink their own way of approaching things.' says Baijings of the inspirational potential of the installation.

'In Scholten & Baijings we have managed to enlist a design duo who are known worldwide for their eclectic creations and who work at the interface between design and art. Their completely untrammelled view of our design, free of any conventions, is an immense source of inspiration for the entire MINI design team. Indeed, the new functions that Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings have thought up and the way in which they approach materials makes for a vast reservoir of ideas that has inspired our work from day one.' MINI design team

The seats and seatbelts recall the brand’s rally heritage and have been lined with specially developed fabrics.

The doors have been taken out and are displayed separately from the car with three-dimensional golden textures or a matt porcelain paint finish developed jointly with MINI Design.

'Colour one' For mini by scholten & baijings


720122 MILANO
Images courtesy of Scholten & Baijings
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