~ Strek Collective

Another exciting stand at the Salone Satellite in Milan this year was norwegian Strek Collective.
Strek is a creative collective founded by four Norwegian designers with a dedicated approach to exploring the unknown and improving the known. Their work can be described through a respectful use of materials and a hands on approach to development. They mainly work towards the domestic field of product design with a desire to develop new experiences and useful relations between product and user. The four designers met in Oslo and Akershus University College and began working together in 2008. What started out as a collaboration between students has now resulted in numerous exhibitions including in Milan, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris. 
Strek consists of Stian Korntved Ruud, Fredrik Wærnes, Nicolai Gulliksen and Jørgen Platou Willumsen.

Compositor is a series of lamps where the light source is mounted behind a plank of ash. The series focuses on the meeting point between different materials and how light can accentuate this.

Compositor lighting installations where light and glass collide and create an infinity mirror-like feel. The whole reflector light idea seemed to be quite a tendency this year and was seen at several exhibitions and launches.

Copper 58 is a series of five circular copper pieces. The biggest can be used as a tray, and the smallest is suitable for candles. Between there it is a tall and slim vase and lower bowls that can be used to store your small things.
Images courtesy of Strek Collective
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