~ Triennale Design Museum// Fabio Novembre

Happy Pills for Venini

Very cool images of the Triennale Design Museum exhibition Graphica Italia designed by Fabio Novembre, the designer of the 'Happy Pills' for Venini. Seriously, it would take an Italian to be this colourful, it takes courage & I think it's paid off.
The Fifth Triennale di Milano sees the entire spectrum of Italian graphic design, literally and figuratively, in Graphica Italia, which opened over the weekend and will be on exhibit through February 2013. Organized loosely into nine sections, which consists of radially projecting walls organized around a demi-rotunda.
The purpose of the fifth edition of Triennale Design Museum is to help the public understand what role Italian graphic artists have played in the history of the country and how they have contributed to shape its economic, social and cultural climate.

Images courtesy of Fabio Novembre & Triannale Design Museum