~ Zellig Sculpture, Birmingham// Philip Watts

  'This white space is beautiful, but on its own screams silence like an empty room - a building has no emotion without its inhabitants. The sum of Chaos is everything - individually parts are simple but together they make something extremely complex,' Philip Watts Design.

The Custard Factory is one of Birmingham's beautiful Victorian listed buildings. a buzzing quarter which is home to a hive of young creative companies, galleries, and fine artists. A five-story creation called the Zellig Sculpture, which contains three glass bridges and 2000 meters of steel tubing, has been created inside the factory by Nottingham based design firm Philip Watts. The sculpture consists of long white tubes which intersect as they reach from wall to wall in the atrium of the building. The glass bridges run along the same paths as the tubes while creating a moment where visitors can intertwine themselves within the sculpture, and experience it first hand!

Images courtesy of Philip Watts Design