~ Chairwear exhibition Milan// Bernotat&Co

Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have? During this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan, Amsterdam-based studio Bernotat&Co presents the exhibition CHAIR WEAR at Ventura Lambrate. Anke Bernotat and Jan Jacob Borstlap of Bernotat&Co come up with custom-made clothing for chairs, adding comfort, functionality and a touch of poetry to old, new and classic chairs. Developed with the know-how of the Audax Textielmuseum. Also on show is an “extremely limited edition” of their Triennial Chair for Gispen. Supported by Innofa and Kvadrat. 

Chair Wear stimulates re-use by upgrading old furniture. But the aim isn’t just re-styling. Instead, Bernotat&Co researched the possibilities of adding comfort to hard wooden chairs, or of creating additional functions for simple chairs. For this purpose, the chairs are dressed up with unexpected textiles, ranging from hightech to industrial to traditional. As the source of inspiration, the Triennial Chair will also be on show in the exhibition, dressed up with a limited edition upholstery.

Images courtesy of Bernotat & Co