~ Havana Club 'Mojito Embassy'// M&C Saatchi Sport with Campaign

Sometimes design is all serious & sometimes it can break loose & have fun - I love the 'Mojito Embassy' pop-up (we all love the pop-up) awareness campaign by London design agency Campaign. The marketplace & interaction for the visitors delivering something unexpected & fun.

Havana Club International has opened the first of a series of pop-up 'Mojito Embassy' bars in Milan, ahead of a European rollout, with the aim of educating consumers on creating the classic Cuban cocktail.
Created by M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment in association with award-winning retail design agency Campaign, the bars will be housed in unconventional locations and will show people how to make an authentic Cuban mojito using fresh, natural ingredients and Havana Club 3 Year rum.
After its two-week run in Milan, the bar will travel across Europe to markets including the UK, Portugal, Belgium and France.

Centred around a contemporary Cuban marketplace, the Embassy’s 'Mojito Market' forms the heart of the bar, encouraging consumers to gather their own fresh mojito ingredients from custom designed street trolleys containing mint and lime.
After gathering the ingredients, a team of Havana Club bartenders will the guide them through the art of making the perfect mojito.

Image courtesy of Campaign

Lucy Bonnetier, brand manager, Havana Club International, said: 'We wanted to restore the value of the authentic Cuban mojito, demonstrating its superiority to ready to serve variants, or those made using rum from elsewhere. The Havana Club Mojito Embassy gives consumers the experience of making their own authentic Cuban mojito set against the stunning backdrop of the Cuba of today.'

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Top Image courtesy of Campaign