~ Jonathan Olivares// Ediciones Jalapa

JODR(Jonathan Olivares Design Research) is an office dedicated to industrial design, design related research and exhibition design, and was founded by Jonathan Olivares in 2006. The office designs furniture for Danese Milano and Knoll, both leaders in the furniture field.
In 2010 JODR began collaboration with E/J in Mexico City to research, test and manufacture explorative archetypes that exist between architecture and product design. The first exploration focuses on walls, offering an alternative to the sheetrock variety, with traditional building materials, marble, wood and glass sheet. Walls were envisioned as a semi-permanent element, that can distinguish and separate space through visual and acoustic privacy. The object was designed to support a wide variety of marble and tinted glass sheet, as specified by an architect or client, which together change the tone of a space.

Photos © Fernando Etulain