Jonathan Olivares// LA Table des Matières, Monaco

Inspired by blogs & ironically then posted back on blogs - La Table des Matières is a library, forum and social hub, designed by JODR( Jonathan Olivares Design Research) for the NMNM (Nouveau Musée National de Monaco). Positioned at the entrance to the museum’s Villa Paloma, the room offers an informal environment to reflect on the museum’s exhibition, education and horticulture programs.
A framework of wall-mounted templates, inspired by blogs, allow the museum’s curators, education coordinator and gardener to regularly post books, videos, plants, useful tools, descriptive texts and news for the visitor, and allow visitors to leave comments and their contact information for the museum.
Seated at tables within the space, visitors can utilize the room's resources, learn and discuss. The room's southern wall bears a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the room's northern wall is host to the Work of The Month, a revolving work of art, selected by the museum's curators.
Translated literally, La Table des Matières means "table of contents". The French term, however, implies a broader arrangement of raw material or matter. This room serves as an index of the museum's activities, and was designed as a resource of materials that further the museum's goal of nurturing and developing the skills necessary for understanding and discovery within the community. 

Beautiful, simple, fresh, inspired & inspiring.

Courtesy of Jonathan Olivares
Via Domus