~ Joseph Dirand // Alexander Wang, Second Flagship Store, Beijing

The design of the retail space, the launch of a second flagship store in beijing, is a collaboration of Alexander Wang and paris-based architect Joseph Dirand (I have previously posted about his design for Habita Monterrey), and aesthetically it is following on from the new york flagship store's sleek concept, featuring a strong focus on raw materials with an emphasis on marble and bronze used in sculptural statements. 
The store measures 565 sqm. spread over two floors of a modern structure in sanlitun village, the chinese capital's nucleus of high-end lifestyle. 
Upon entering shoppers are greeted by the strong elements of these raw materials that create striking statements with a monolithic marble wall cut from one stone. Marble reappears in the staircase that is between one polished bronze and one mirrored wall. a mirrored bronze sculptural prism bisects the upper floor, along with angular walls embedded with multi-faceted bronze shelving. Except for a 1950s vintage de sede black leather sofa on the ground level, all furniture and fixtures are customized, such as the blackened bronze bars, infinity tables of marble plates framed in blackened bronze, and a concrete sofa with goat hair and a leather ottoman with straps. The new store carries the brand's entire men's + women's collections.