~ L'hôtel Mama Shelter Marseille //Philippe Starck

Design hotels is one of my favourite categories of design, in the hope that I'll be able to see them personally I think! A visual overload of images, patterns, graphics & quirky design ideas as you would expect from Philippe Starck & the bonus is that this hotel is genuinely affordable.

After Paris, the Mama Shelter Marseille is the second to open in France.
127 rooms between 15 to 45 m2, spread over six floors with the option of five categories and colours and with prices starting at €69.
The Mama Shelter Marseille is primarily a place of freedom, fizzing, bubbling and exchange.
This original concept, that Starck describes as:  
'the jeans of the hotel business, following the new social values such as discipline, honesty, intelligence and humor' 

It comes from the synergy and family story of SergeTrigano (co-founders of Club Med), and his sons Jeremy and Benjamin, Cyril Aouizerate, urbanist and philosopher, Philippe Starck and more recently also Michel Reybier.

'There are no projects without something very strong behind them; a human reason, a social reason, or a love reason. A vision. Otherwise no legitimacy exists. We cannot separate Mama Shelter from its genesis, simple application of a vision and a story. Human history, a meeting, affinities, a deep friendship, people who love each other. This is the starting point of everything.' Philippe Starck

Louis XV goes to sparta' by maurizio galante and tal lancman for cerrutibaleri

Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz's Stuhlhockerbank

A long bar and the kitchen face each other with in the middle, long tables where guests can share a meal by the terrace.
 In the kitchen, chefs "Alain Senderens and Jerome Banctel celebrate Mediterranean cooking in the city without resorting to the cliché of traditional Marseille dishes."

Located at the intersection of three narrow streets and three historic Marseille districts, the hotel is virtually in the city centre, near the Cours Julien district with its "urban art vibe and its mix of concert halls, young fashion designers and sunny terraces.

The rooms are similar to those at Mama Paris, but feature the colours of the Mediterranean.
Several more Mama Shelters are in the works for 2013, notably Mama Shelter Bordeaux, Lyon, Istanbul and Los Angeles.

Mama Shelter Marseille
64, rue de la Loubiere
13006 Marseille

Images courtesy of Philippe Starck
Photos © Francis Amiand & L'hotel Mama Shelter 
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