The Lounge Soho// Hyperkit & Kylie Minogue makes an appearance

For this project graphic design company Hyperkit design the interior (their second interior project), The Lounge Soho hair salon. A super cool salon established as one of the original boutique hair salons in London, expect a diverse clientele including market traders, ladies of the night, media industry players to actors, models and TV presenters getting away from the fast paced streets of the West End. It's been described as 'cool without the attitude' by Timeout...the designers words are below. Keep an eye out for Kylie Minogue making an appearance last week outside the salon, you can visit The Lounge Soho blog for the video. Now I just need an excuse to go in for a haircut myself!

For this interior project we looked to create a new visual identity within the existing concept of the lounge, and to build upon the established reputation of the Lounge Soho as a highly creative unisex salon.

Early inspiration came from looking at how sculpture is displayed in a gallery and how a salon could also become a curated space. This led to the creation of a light, uncluttered and functional environment where key areas of the salon are framed, as well as the client as he/she moves through the process of having their hair cut.

The framing concept starts with the shopfront where a single neon tube runs the width of the salon. Below this, full-height windows are fitted that display the brightly-lit interior which helps to create a contrast with the street, inviting passers-by to look in and observe the theatre within.

A family of furniture was designed and made from ash, with their forms and personality led by their use and positions within the space. The larger items cater for a variety of different functions, and blocks of colour are used to define these different areas. This in turn creates unique decorative compositions. 

The furniture is shown against a backdrop of different materials and paint finishes so as to create differing views throughout the space. The upper and lower levels are unified through the use of a timber floor, with ash laid in a chevron pattern and tinted silver-grey. This is also used to clad the walls on which the mirrors are mounted. We have also designed printed items, and created artwork to hang on the walls of the salon.

Ceiling graphics

Kylie Minogue outside filming - checkout their blog for video footage

Images courtesy of Hyperkit & The Lounge Soho
Photography Yolanda Chiaramello
Via It's Nice That