~ Luna Seo// Kal 1.0 & London Design Festival teaser

I came across these beautiful stools designed by Luna Seo. Titled Kal 1.0 the stools can be arranged in any sequence changing their appearance based on the arrangement. I love the mirrored surface which also allows an interaction & response to it's environment. They also come in a white version called Kal 2.0 with colour on the underside - the colour reflected when stacked. Inspired & beautiful.
Luna will also be exhibiting in Tent London in September as part of the London Design Festival & I am privileged to bring you images of the upcoming designs to be shown; 'That piece of time': a coffee table, 'That piece of time': a vase.

kal is a set of stools, made from folded reynobond sheets (a light, flat and durable aluminum sandwich plate consisting of a core of polyethylene coated on both sides of an aluminum plate coated with a protective film) and felt. 
Kal 1.0, by Luna Seo
One side of these stools are cut slightly different compared to each other, allowing the user to discover endless aspects of the furniture while placing them around, or even when stacking. the barely noticeable angle makes a great difference on the stools, allowing it to ‘transform’ in endless ways. By using reflective material, the stool does not have an outfit of its own; instead reflects its surroundings, which keeps it in an ever-changing status. 

The mirrored surface reflects the environment and creates an interaction that will never be able to repeat. The name “kal” is extracted from the word kaleidoscope (referring to the definition: a succession of changing phases or actions).
That piece of time: a coffee table, by Luna Seo
That piece of time: a vase, by Luna Seo

Check out Tent London in September this year, it is an event held during London Design Festival to launch new products and innovations. Luna will be exhibiting the two new pieces pictured above 'That piece of time: a coffee table' & 'That piece of time: a vase'.

In the designers words:

“There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
- Albert Einstein
Time is the most profound gift from Mother Nature that is given to
all, alive or dead, conscious or unconscious. Considering time as
eternal ephemerals, each instant is a destination where you pass by,
never knowing what awaits. Not a single ‘now’ is the same. So
consistent and everlasting, one can easily forget its weight, take it
as granted.
One meets miracles at every single ephemeral, although some are
forgotten, and some remain. The everyday objects of this project
catch the time from the sunlight and shed unexpected, unrepeatable
moments for you to cherish. It unveils pieces of time through the
meetings between light and light-refracting materials.

All images courtesy of Luna-Seo