~ Normal Studio// Diamond boxes

This range of lamps called Diamond boxes created from professional photographic reflectors are designed by Jean-François Dingjan and Eloi Chafaï from Normal Studio in the Parisian district of Montreuil. Their simple and precise design is always successful in its primary task: exalting use. 

'Then we create the forms are often the result of the production process, so we really like it when this becomes a constraint (industrial, usage or marketing) to creating a form. A form that couldn't be any other way. Nothing superfluous, you know. We design face to face, and we go on until we decide that the form is the best possible for a given context.
We rarely start from a drawing or from an idea adapted to an industrial process. Rather we start from the constraints and begin thinking about things, in order to get to the most relevant form.'

Diamond Boxes lighting was designed for the Villa Noailles and produced by Tools Galerie in 2007

Images courtesy of Normal Studio