~ Vertex// Alexander Mulligan & Claire Anne O'Brien

Get on down to Urban Outfitters today! Ok, if not to shop then to see the installation called 'Vertex', a collaboration between british product designer Alexander Mulligan & Irish textile designer Claire-Anne O’Brien. By manipulating yards of fabric, two designers have created a puzzle-like installation that links space and object. 

‘Our goal was to create an environment, not just a seat. We wanted to make something imposing, but somehow submissive - both alive and dormant, enveloping and inviting.’

Using a CNC cutting machine to form a 3D model, they then built a timber framework ‘shell.’ These panels were then covered in material, which subtly fades from light to dark turquoise. The resulting unit can be used to display products or for seating, when customers require a rest. 

‘Installing the work was quite a challenge. It was like making a 3D jigsaw puzzle; we had to sculpt it along the way. The shape was predetermined by the geodesic design but there were lots of unwilling points of contact.’

The installation can be seen at Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street in London.
Urban Outfitters
200 Oxford Street 
W1D 1NU London
United Kingdom

Via Frame