~ Agnes B// le point d'ironie Tara Oceans

I have always had a fascination with Jacques Cousteau, the underwater world of amazing undiscovered creatures, Journey to the Centre of the Earth(cool 1950's sets of imagined worlds). When I came across the current issue of Le point d'ironie (from French fashion label Agnes b.) it took me back to that time with amazing photography. Hotel Costes Paris, designed by the flamboyant Jacques Garcia, also uses framed botanical images in the bar - the obsession with natural history museums is also shared with Damien Hirst. Previous contributors to the series have included the likes of Damien Hirst & Yoko Ono. Stunning images.

Six to eight issues of le point d'ironie are published each year, each is made by an artist who makes it their own and brings it up to a singular work of art. One hundred thousand copies are spread out over the world in museums, galleries, bookshops, schools and Agnes B shops of course. 
This issues is called Treasures of the Ocean. The photographs taken by the Tara Oceans expedition team feature plankton - under the artistic direction of agnes b. 
 The photos reveal the living world to us in all it's beauty and diversity.

Tara is a schooner dedicated to scientific exploration. She has been on the sea since 2003, following an initiative by Etienne Bourgois and agnes b. The aim being to gain a better understanding of the impact of global warming on ecosystems. She has so far made 7 expeditions.

This expedition, known as Tara Oceans, was the first ever attempt to make a global study of marine plankton, a minuscule life form which extends from marine viruses to fish larve to jellyfish.
Studying plankton is like taking the pulse of our planet.

Thanks to these micro-organisms, the oceans produces half of the oxygen we breathe. Despite this fact, we know relatively little about this complex ecosystem and its huge wealth of biodiversity.

photos :
Plancton de la Mer Méditerranée (Larve planctonique) © M.Ormestad, Kahi Kai, Tara Oceans.
Plancton de l'Océan Indien (Larves de poissons) ©
C.Sardet/CNRS/UPMC/Tara Oceans.