~ Flat Table// Jo Nagasaka

Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka of schemata architecture office ltd. has developed five 'flat tables' for dutch contemporary department store options!.
The project first begin in 2009, whereby Nagasaka added colorful epoxy resin to antique tables as a means of levelling out their tops in a modern way. He then moved on to create the 'flat table peeled' series, continuing to use colored resin but this time to square off the uneven edges of wooden panels cut from lengths of trees. For this selection of five work surfaces, the architect returns to the
starting points of the first edition, taking old tables and desks and finishing them in green, yellow, turquoise and purple resin.
A beautiful way to recycle tables and give them a completely new look, with respect to their former lives. I love the richness and depth of the colours used.
Flat table for Papabuble, candyshop in shibuya, tokyo
Flat table peeled series
Via designboom