~ Restaurant 'First Avenue', Paris// Betillon Dorval-Bory

Located in the 17e Paris is a great little find. Restaurant 1a designed by Betillon Dorval-Bory - Raphaël Bétillon and Nicolas Dorval‐Bory who have an architecture office based in Paris and Toulouse.
I am obsessed with finding out more about the fantastic gold Mylar walls - what thickness is the sheet & what adhesive was used? Like a magie, anything shiny catches my eye, so unsurprisingly the amazing ceiling treatment of mirrored pyramids doesn't fail to impress. I like the experimental ideas, the more risky application of materials, fundamentally more interesting & I want to find out more about the work from this exicting office. Inspiring.

Images courtesy of Betillon Dorval-Bory
Via Designboom