~ Studio for Anish Kapoor// Cassey Fierro Architects

Anish Kapoor, the artist behind one of the most controversial artworks in London at the moment the
'Orbit' tower in the olympic park, has an amazing studio space. It's fascinating to see inside an artists studio, see the space where the work is created.
Designed by Cassey Fierro Architects, who also designed Jasper Morrison's studio space. Casey formerly headed Herzog & de Meuron’s London office (H&deM designer's of this year's Serpentine pavilion 2012), leading the team that converted a ramshackle oil-fired power station into the Tate Modern. That’s where he and his wife, Victoria Fierro, a partner in their firm, Caseyfierro, met Morrison, who designed much of the museum’s furniture.
The exterior is quite beautifully detailed, the simplicity of the additional elements against the existing building fabric with a clean and light filled internal space. It definately has echo's of the Tate, a great conversion of an industrial building, which will receive it's own new wing due to start soon.
The refurbishment project for the artist Anish Kapoor transforms a redundant building to a studio and archive space. The site is part of the artists campus of workshop/studio buildings on the street. The new studio is the first phase of the ongoing refurbishment programme for the campus.
Sculpture requires uniform north light to reduce shadow and read form. An area of the existing first floor was removed to make a high volume and the roof remodelled to create a north facing 16 meter by 4 meter translucent clerestory window.

The interior spaces provide varying atmospheres for presentation and workshop, with as-found space, high volume and upper level volume top light for painting. The spaces bridge the world of show and studio and are deliberately introverted to exclude external distractions.
Courtesy casey fierro
All Exterior Photographs by Ben Blossom  www.benblossom.com