~ Atelier Biagetti// Post Design Collection 2012

I came across these amazing images this morning of a collection by Atelier Biagetti, headed by Alberto Biagetti, called Post Design Collection 2012 it's somewhere between art & design, it's a visual feast. Beautifully proportioned pieces with a sense of balance, exploring ideas of opaque and transparent, suspended on truss like frames, dipped in fantastic colours. I'm always drawn to the cabinet of curiosities and the collection looks to have drawn inspiration from natural sources.
The Atelier has a space in which it designs, produces and shows its work. Some of Atelier Biagetti’s projects have won many prizes and have been exhibited on various occasions both in Italy and abroad.
Alberto Biagetti is a designer who opened his Milanese Atelier in 2003, an aesthetic factory that deals with fashion, art, design and architecture without distinction, creating a bridge between established forms of expression and new digital ones. Biagetti’s work is the result of multiple inventions that end up being furniture objects, interiors, paintings, virtual dresses and installations in galleries and private collections. Alberto Biagetti connects the real and virtual world, from excellent artisanship (collections designed for Venini)to the art direction of some of the most important websites (Yoox.com), working for other Italian design brands such as Memphis – Post Design, DeVecchi and Zerodisegno. Biagetti’s works have been exhibited in important galleries and cultural centers , including the Marconi Gallery, Hangar Bicocca, Cartiere Vannucci; together with Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, in 2011, he presented the collection of unique pieces “Diamonds” and the exhibit Mineralogy.

All images courtesy of Atelier Biagetti  take a closer look