~ Emily Johnson// Bone

London Design Journal at the Conran Shop
The beautifully elegant Bone range designed by Emily Johnson caught my eye at the Conran shop, offers a different interpretation on traditional bone china, a material that is an essential part of her family history. So often lights are suspended, it's refreshing to see lighting in a way that suggests it should have always been seen at ground level. Inspiring lighting forms coming from a traditional heritage.
These lights are hand crafted in the North Staffordshire Potteries and are made of Fine Bone China.
Fine bone china is 52% calcined animal bone which gives it incredible strength and translucency.
25% China Clay from Cornwall which gives it its colour.
3% Ball Clay from Devon and Dorset which give it plasticity and a flux, either nepheline synite or felspar, which allows the china to be fired at a lower temperature.
The lights are hand cast and then fired at 1200 degrees centigrade.
After firing the lights are rumbled in their bisque form which gives them their smooth finish.
Installation at the Old Vic tunnels

 Images courtesy of Emily Johnson 1882 Ltd
First image © London Design Journal