~ IRO Hair Salon// Reiichi Ikeda

I came across these beautiful images while reading through one of my favourite online magazines This Is Paper. 
I always take a look at their articles on fashion, art and interiors, with an eye for the interesting, different and beautiful. 
The images of this beautifully minimal interior for IRO Hair Salon in Osaka, Japan, designed by Reiichi Ikeda are amazing. The minimal & compelling graphic design (including the logo design) by Yuma Harada of UMA/design farm are integral to the interior. The two companies shared the concept with each other, and comprehensively directed the hair salon together. I don't normally love a minimal interior, but the attention to detail and precision of the design has to be admired.

In the words of the designer:
Generally, a hair salon has a conventional traffic line of waiting, shampooing, cutting. To specially add the uniqueness as a spice, I dotted with some visually standardized box-shaped objects such as furniture and a spot that have roles. The angle of the diagonal lines which constitute the facade and the interior visual effects follows the concept of the logo "IRO". "O" in the logo "IRO" is rotated 23.43 degrees to be parallel to the axis of the earth. Even though the Japanese word "IRO" means colors in English by ordinary, we considered it as what gives us the seasonal indications with the Sun instead of as being colorful.

The light streaming through the diagonal lines and its shadows are shifted from season to season. Additionally, the moire effect caused by the overlapping lines helps to bring out the visual movement in the design.

Via This Is Paper
Reiichi Ikeda
Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda