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The structure marks the location of the historic Algate - where Chaucer lived from 1374 - 1386 - and the start of the High Street 2012, the route to the Olympics at Stratford. The design of a 'Palace of Pillars' by Studio Weave is inspired by the two dream poems written by Chaucer while resident in the rooms above the gate: 'The House of Fame' and 'The Parliment of Fowls'.

Both poems include images of fantastic dream-like temples of impossible materials and scale, elevated on precarious, precious structures above vast, bizarre landscapes conceivable as analogies for the City.
Paleys upon Pilers is an abstraction of the uppermost room of the old gate and an invocation of Chaucer’s luxurious dreamed temples. The structure consists of a kind of timber embroidery and will sit in the air above the busy Aldgate High Street, supported on pillars decorated with images from Chaucer’s illuminated manuscripts.
Studio Weave, working with screen-printer Linda Florence, at London Printworks in Brixton, gilded Dutch gold leaf onto Linda’s pattern design in 64 sections for the four timber legs that hold up Paleys Upon Pilers in Aldgate. The pattern, in red, blue and gold, is inspired by the illuminated manuscripts in essence of Chaucer, for whom this project commemorates.
Image courtesy of Studio Weave

Image courtesy of Studio Weave
Paleys Upon Pilers has a custodian in the shape of Geoffrey the Owl, who perches high up in the structure keeping an eye on the world below him (in particular pigeons who are considering a fancy new home).

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