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The V&A is an amazing place, recently I posted about their Heatherwick exhibition 'Designing the Extraordinary', including interactive elements with groups of 20 or so Spun chairs in the courtyard for everyone to enjoy trying out. There have also been events called Friday Late & elements from the Selfridges window display Britain Creates temporarily moving to the V&A. The V&A is making design tangible, interactive and relevant to everyone. Another of these events that created a stir was the installation 'Trace Room' by London based practice Atelier Chan Chan.

Using nearly 4km of nylon cord, Atelier ChanChan created a web-like installation to explore the de-materialization of architectural elements.
‘The goal was to investigate the limits and perceptions of a boundary condition to a room,’  Zoe Chan.

While walls are typically solid, thick and dense, when they are broken down into a series of lines their function is lost.

‘At what point of disintegration does a wall stop being read as a wall and read as individual lines in space,’Atelier Chan Chan

Prior to installation the project was modeled on 3D computer programming, to ensure lines wouldn’t collide with one another. Chan says the biggest challenge was having only 10 hours to install the project at the V&A’s Gallery 25 during Friday Late event on 29 June.

In the designers words:

Furthering our investigation into de-materialisation, Trace Room in the Victoria and Albert Museum is carved out from layers of stretched cord lines.
The tall room stretches vertically within the double height volume of Gallery 25, partially enclosed by the sweeping staircase wrapping around the gallery and leading to the National Art Library. The ballustrades for the Stair set the rhythm for the cord lines which are to shape the missing walls and ceiling.

Moving through the room, the relationship between cords and the viewer changes giving the perception that the walls are shifting. Challenging the conventional delineation of a room enclosed within compact and solid walls, Trace Room begins to erase and explode its thresholds; outlining its limits through a thick density of lines in space.

Images courtesy of Atelier Chan Chan
Discovered via Frame
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