~ Wallpaper Architects Directory// Hand stitched by Peter Crawley

I had the pleasure of seeing the work of Peter Crawley up close at the SW1 Gallery this week with the Wallpaper Architects Directory. It showcases 20 up-and-coming architects from six continents to create a showcase of emerging global talent. I have previously posted about Peter Crawley here and love his work. It is all digitally imaged and then hand stitched with a combination of different coloured threads on paper. Each 'drawing' is suspended from a pine frame with red thread suspending each drawing. The exhibition is truly inspiring & you can examine close up the masterful handiwork at the back of each piece of architectural needlework.
18. Dierendonckblancke Architecten, Belgium
19. Peter Kostelov, Russia
20. Eriksen + Skajaa, Norway

The back of each piece is a amazing as the front
All images c London Design Journal