~ Damir Doma, Paris// Rodney Eggleston

What a great way to start off the week after a summer break with fresh inspiration & great images. Damir Doma in the heart of the shopping district of Paris, the boutique is designed by by Australian architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studio (who first worked on Aesop‘s Rue St Honoré address) is textural, raw and bold and I love the hand finished verdigris mirrored ceiling. March studio are also designers of Baker D Chirico from a previous post.

'the space is an expression of Damir Doma's personal aesthetic with raw materials and considered, intimate spaces. A colour palette of black, white and earth tones decorates the 200sqm boutique that includes a private salon. The boutique presents a dichotomy of refined unfinished surfaces, for an ambience that is both intimate and monumental.

A layered staircase sculpted in travertine marble blades extends into the space, unifying the levels with natural geometry. The rough patina of the conrete walls remain in their original state, while a stunning ceiling is tiled in hand-finished verdigris mirrors for a subtle, reflective effect. Brass fixtures suffuse warmth throughout, as do the honey tones of herringbone parquet flooring.'

The store for Damir Doma extends over 3 compact floors & is located opposite the Elysée Palace, in a courtyard behind Rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, and just next door to those other fashion iconoclasts Comme des Garçons. 
Artisanal verdigris mirrors for the DAMIR DOMA Store Paris 54 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré in production in Melbourne, Australia.
'The rawness of the store complements Damir's precious garments, like diamonds extracted from the rough earth the store is a deliberate exploration of contrats' Rodney Eggleston

' the boutique interior is about levels & layers, just like my clothes. We have used materials in their most raw form to define the colours, structures and the feel of it. The feeling in the shop is very informal. I want the customers to feel like they are in my apartment. There is a certain rawness and purity, coupled with intimacy and sophistication.' Damir Doma

75008 PARIS
Images courtesy of Damir Doma
March Studio