~ Michael Anastassiades// Lit Lines

I spotted these very linear interesting lights designed by Michael Anastassiades, called Lit Lines, I think it's an appropriate description as well as name. Beautifully minimal & crafted pieces that sit comfortably within different interiors, the workmanship is stunning. The basis for these lights seem to be more architectural and geometry based, maybe a nod to training as an engineer.
The good news is soon you'll be able to see more of Michael in his own gallery space in London and online store, coming this October.
Michael's design combines fine detailing with honestly expressed materials reinforcing the elegant simplicity of the designs. All the products are hand made in unlimited editions. The glass work is free blown, the stone work is hand carved, and the metal finishes are bespoke. Each piece, stamped with the designer's mark, is manufactured in accordance with the purity of his original vision.

All images courtesy of Michael Anastassiades