~ Prada collaboration with Rem Koolhaas design studio OMA

The runway for Prada's A/W 2012 is certainly visually impressive. Designed by OMA, the Rem Koolhaas design studio, the six massive chandeliers composed of neon tubes are an innovative use of a standard well known item in a new and inspired way, teamed with boldly coloured geometric print carpets in red(men's collection) and purple(women's collection). I've seen neon tubes used in a variety of ways, but the collective of 300 hundred gives it a grandeur and modern bling.
Prada launched its 2012 fall/winter men’s collection at the OMA-designed Fondazione Prada in Milan. The catwalk collaboration between Prada and Rem Koolhaas design studio OMA is now in it's eight year. You can see previous runway collaborations via Wallpaper here.

'The audience is distributed along the perimeter of the room. The central void is occupied by a grand carpet measuring 20x35 metres, a red, white and black patchwork of different pile lengths with a geometric black flower pattern inspired by modernist rug designs. The scene is illuminated by six monumental chandeliers made of 300 neon tubes. Together with the carpet they evoke the grandeur of a palace. The audience sits in the dark, witnessing the spectacle of the catwalk show where men walk in an orderly manner accross the carpet as if following a secret script.' OMA 
Wallpaper magazine September 2012 limited edition cover
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