~ Prada// Verner Panton, Cloverleaf Sofa Re-issue

This fantastic sofa is in Prada stores, it is a re-issue of the 1970 Verner Panton Cloverleaf sofa (or 'kleeblatt' in Danish) upholstered in moss green velvet. Sometimes it's hard to believe how timeless a design is or -'ahead of their time' a designer is. Verner Panton's designs are well known, his iconic Panton chair went into production in 1960. A fantastic design & great to see it revived - I'm sure even Verner Panton would approve of the colour & material choice.
Prada, Paris
Verner Panton began experimenting with entire environments that typified his psychedelic, brightly-colored aesthetic. For the 1970 Cologne Furniture Fair, Panton designed several pieces exclusively for the exhibition, including the Cloverleaf sofa, which commanded the room with its modular, snake-like, four-leaf shape. Because only five sofas were made, the Coverleaf existed solely as a firecracker of Panton’s career—until now. Prada discovered the near-forgotten piece last year, and promptly contacted the Danish manufacturer Verpan to bring the sofa back to life exclusively for its most important boutiques. Prada began placing one sofa in each of its flagship stores, making the design a new Prada staple.
Prada, London
Upholstered in a mossy velvet made exclusively by Prada, the modular foam sofa consists of six pieces and can seat up to 11 people. Its wavy headrest sits perpendicular to its base plate, which is open on one side and hollowed out in the center to allow for legroom.

“Panton was a modest man who was crazy about design.” Panton himself once said, “The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting.”
Prada, Moscow
'It’s an awesome product, made exactly like the one Panton created...It’s built traditionally, with a wood frame covered in foam. But it’s the shape and form that’s quite unusual—there’s no other product out there that will give you the same feeling.' Peter Frandsen, CEO of Verpan.

At 14 feet wide, the complete clover doesn’t fit in every showroom. Instead, Prada has been arranging them in two- or three-piece sections dotted about their shops: In Paris, it’s arranged in a semi-circle, whereas the Milan and London locations have stationed the pieces side-by-side like a loveseat.

Images courtesy of verpan
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