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Officially launched at Design Junction in London is the lovely selection of 'Vessels' created by  the dynamic duo 
Daniel Emma. Beautiful forms, considered finishes and staying true to their aim of creating items that are 'just nice'.
Exhibited as part of Vera Chapter Two, which followed last year’s Chapter One, asking designers to be inspired by the back story of some photos of a mystery woman curators Kirsty Minns and Érika Muller found at a thrift store in Brighton, constructing her fictional biography through objects.

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'Vessels is a collection which explores the idea of storing, holding, gathering and keeping.
We are collectors, collectors of nothing in particular. Whether its shells on the beach, trinkets from travels abroad or flowers from the side of the road. These vessels are for holding these ‘nothing in particulars’. '

Photo Daniel Emma

Photo Daniel Emma
Materials and Processes

All these vessels are handmade in Adelaide, South Australia. It has always been important to us when making our own pieces that they are made in the city that we live in. At times this can be limiting but more often than not the adventure to find these last remains of industry is half the delight. The processes we have chosen to use are varied, some are industrial, some are a craft and others are DIY. 
Photo Daniel Emma
Photo Daniel Emma
Each vessel is made to age with dignity. Using solid pieces of aluminium, brass, bronze, timber or resin, each one of them can be reworked to new or scratched and dented without falling apart.
Photo Daniel Emma
Photo Daniel Emma
These two components are of strong importance to the products that we wish to make. It does not affect the end function but creates an object that not only is a summary of what we have in our minds but also of the place that we live in.

Go and see them in person from 19 - 23 September
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