~ Christopher Jenner// Diptyque, Leadenhall Market London

One of my favourite brands of perfume is from Parisian perfumers Diptyque. The jewel-like interior of their newest store has been designed by Christopher Jenner with inspiration drawn from it's Victorian location, using bespoke finishes & furniture. You may have heard of Christopher in connection with one of his other projects for Eurostar. The interior makes use of every surface  and the height of the space & plays off pattern, colour and finish in interesting juxtapositions. Inspiring use of space and pattern. The halo double ringed chandelier is an inspired nod to the graphic design of the Diptyque packaging.


The Diptyque store is located in Leadenhall Market, one of the remaining examples of Victorian Architecture in the centre of the city of London, not far from Bank tube.


This is Christopher's third project for Diptyque, he has previously designed the Diptyque room at Liberty and the brand's New York flagship store.


The new space in London’s Leadenhall Market has informed the design which is described as

‘a marrying of Victorian design with the heritage of Diptyque,’

The store sized at just 16m2 meaning Christopher Jenner has had to make full use of the 4m high walls. The interior is a marrying of Diptyque with classic Victorian Architectural and Design heritage to create an interior space inspired by English patterning and French luxury.

A 98 per cent spray metal has been used to create ‘homogeneous surfaces’ including the Victorian Fleur de Lis pressed ceiling, where tin has been sprayed to give a brass effect. 


Hand made furniture in American Walnut and turned Brass, complement the Gothic revival wallpapers.


Oversized library cabinets, accessed by ladder, are furnished with multi-layered classic mouldings and fitted with secret cupboards in English brass, stained Glass fret work and magical Mirror.


Christopher Jenner has added bespoke Linen touch wallpaper, printed in London, liquid metal story boards and floral marquetry to infuse the space with an aesthetic that’s best described as new, but old.


'Designed to complement rather than impose, the space is a focus on artistic inclusion and cultural assimilation, reflecting a respect of history and culture; a concept at the heart of the studio.'


62 Leadenhall Market

City of London

United Kingdom 

Images courtesy of Christopher Jenner

Photography Michael Franke


Leadenhall Market