.PSLAB collaboration // Bulthaup Clerkenwell

During the London Design Festival, I had the pleasure of attending Bulthaup's showroom in Clerkenwell to view the .PSLAB collaboration. Needless to say that I am a fan of .PSLAB and their approach to lighting as an intervention in a space and consideration to each lighting solution on a contextual project basis. The round white shaded fittings (seen in the first two images) which can be rotated, altering the amount of light seen were fantastic - definately a highlight. You can just imagine an installation of the fittings on a large scale, it lends itself to perhaps more of an art installation. Up close all of the light fittings are beautifully detailed and finished a credit to the team of artisans at .PSLAB.


.PSLAB lighting products were used to highlight bulthaup’s launch of its refurbished showroom in Clerkenwell during the London Design Festival.

The site-specific response by .PSLAB to light the different sections of bulthaup clerkenwell showroom, highlights what the two brands have in common. A similar approach where both offer customized solutions and produce high-end site-specific products, based on the architecture of the space. 


Not a traditional lighting supplier, in fact .PSLAB are both designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products, collaborating with architects and designers to produce custom light fittings on a project basis.

From this approach has stemmed an internal library of more than 300 lighting fixtures born from past collaborations.

‘We are to lighting what haute couture is to fashion - through a customized project approach we offer a complete service which has allowed us to build ongoing working relationships with our collaborators.’
‘Our creative and technical teams work together on every aspect of product development, from concept to construction, giving us the edge which is at the core of the .PSLAB identity. Our concepts are born out of the individualities of a space and our products conceived for specific projects, custom-manufactured by our artisans in our workshop and hand-finished with minute attention to detail.’

.PSLAB designed and manufactured a wall-mounted fixture to be used above the new line of graphite table being launched. This custom-made product was developed specially for bulthaup's refurbished showroom, taking into consideration the characteristics of the space, and is indicative of .PSLAB’s custom approach to lighting. 


The .PSLAB products are hand-finished by a team of artisans in their factory. This collaboration serves as a vitrine for people to not only witness and interact with the products but also to experience .PSLAB’s intervention in a space.

‘We believe it is the characteristics of a space and the open dialogue between our teams and collaborators that guide the lighting concept.’

This is .PSLAB’s second collaboration in London, after having collaborated with Mint, an interior design store, since September 2011. 


.PSLAB have collaborated on projects all over the world, from the Barbican's new Foodhall & Lounge, collaboration with Aesop in Islington, private homes in London, Bars and Restaurants in Italy & Beirut & the famous Costes Hotel Thoumieux to name a few. I'm looking forward to what's to come from the talented team at .PSLAB & the next project.


'When working on a new lighting concept, the inspiration that drives the concept design comes from the  space itself. We rely on the characteristics of the site to guide our creativity.'


All images courtesy of .PSLAB

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