~ Snickeriet// Havet

I love learning about the design process behind the design and seeing the result of the process is as interesting as Havet, the undulating surface resembling a photograph of a stormy sea is intriguing. 

The traditional realm of craftsmanship is usually reserved for antique or classical looking furniture, it's interesting to see the same skills applied to new designs, new applications, with new techniques. Beautiful application of traditional skills, lovely hardware.

SNICKERIET (Swedish for The Carpentry) is an independent carpentry in Stockholm with a dual nature as both a commission-based carpentry and furniture brand with in-house production.The company is based on a close partnership between carpenters and designers, and now launches its first collection of artistic handmade furniture under its own brand.The company is founded by cabinet makers Gunnar Dahl and Karolina Stenfelt, with Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck as designers.


'HAVET ...The carved treatment that covers the entire cabinet surface resembles water ripples, as we wanted to capture the expression of a black ocean at night; suggestive, absorbing and encompassing. The cabinet draws my mind towards expressionistic oil paintings rather than furniture.'

Karl-Johan Hjerling, creative director and designer at SNICKERIET


'As a designer you look for someone who can realize your work. As a cabinetmaker you look for challenging tasks beyond your comfort zone. SNICKERIET is a platform at the intersection point, where everything from idea to production is in our own hands. We can let every idea develop as direct as possible, and work with solutions that would have been rejected by most other furniture producers.'

Karl-Johan Hjerling, creative director and designer at SNICKERIET


HAVET is a cabinet made out of pine. The surface treatment resembles a stormy ocean, created by combining traditional craftsmanship with an unconventional technique. The pattern is chiselled by hand using an angle grinder, the outside of the cabinet is then stained and lacquered in a matte black. Just like the waves on a windy sea, each cabinet created will be unique.


First the cabinet is built as a classic cabinet, with right angles, and with all details and its interiors in place. The carpenters then chisel out the distinctive pattern – a process requiring as much time as building the cabinet itself. The pattern is carved on all sides and across all external details, creating a monolithic and sculptural gestalt.

Images courtesy of Snickeriet

Photography Stephanie Wiegner