~ Constance Guisset// Tourbillon

I'm always inspired when I see new work from Constance Guisset & today I can share her new work Tourbillon. Her work always involves the element of movement in unexpected ways. I have posted previously about her work including the Sol chair, an exhibition in a 17th century chapel and lighting designed for Molenti & Co. Her new work titled Tourbillon is on show in Paris, you can see it in motion here.

Photo Guisset Tourbillon

Tourbillon for Christian Dior Parfums is a sculptural awe-inspiring object that aims to produce a marvellous feeling while evoking the universe of Dior’s perfume, J’adore. At the same time immobile and dancing, Tourbillon is a precipitate of a hypnotic fashion catwalk show.

Photo Guisset

The lower part is a finely wrought base where the surrounding is reflected while returning a shimmering like light. Its asymmetrical shape evokes a haute couture train that creates an illusion of movement. On the top, glittering particles and a sensual creature dance inside a large piece made out of glass.

Photo Guisset

The choreography unfolds as a Spanish sarabande : lively and lascivious. The dance has the rhythm of a whirlwind that brings to mind a sensation of infinite and its sign, materialized in the shape of J’adore’s perfume bottle. This tornado induces the spectator in a loss of consciousness, a bewitchment in grace. The programmed rhythm alternates in slow and fast gusts. The creature accelerates to vanish and floats back in delicate loops. A charismatic presence appears and mysteriously disappears. Therefore, the spectator is captivated and downed by the unpredictable motion or series of movements. Tourbillon outcomes after a year of technics research on the density of plastics, the floating, the fluidity of textile fabrics and the mechanic of fluids. 

Photo Sophie Carre

Images courtesy of Constance Guisset

On show until January 2013

Dior Boutique

Avenue Montaigne, Paris