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It's not everyday that I would be looking at McDonalds for design inspiration, but I'll make an acception for the new 'Come' range of furniture designed by Patrick Norguet for Alias soon to be in the outdoor areas of McDonalds restaurants worldwide.

Of course, McDonalds has been changing their approach to their fitouts for the last 8 years, creating a more designer lead interior. The sculptural cement bases combined with the underside profile of the table tops are beautiful in their own right.


For this project and for each of my projects, I wanted to give great attention to the final use. 

Draw a quality space that fits into the time that meets the demands and requirements specific to McDonald's. Not quite out nor quite in the terrace is experienced as an extension of the restaurant, a separate space for a different experience. 


This is a major project for me because we were able to connect two worlds around the project and thus develop products of high quality. Association with Alias, I was able to reach the level of demand that I wanted for this set consists of 28 objects. A family of tables, chairs, low chairs, lamps, planters, benches, litter bins and screen. Patrick Norguet


US fast food giant McDonald’s has partnered with historic italian manufacturing brand alias to conceive the outdoor furnishings of its restaurants worldwide


As part of the 'COME' project. alias fulfilled the challenge in collaboration with the established french designer Patrick Norguet, responding to the 'COME' objectives - to design, engineer, develop and install a specific turnkey modular furniture system. 


The entire project will see approximately 150 terraces outfitted with the designs and will be completed over the course of 2-3 years with the initial stage of the work being carried out in France - the first open-air area already revealed in bordeaux, france and a further 6 terraces installed in the north of the country.


Throughout the conception of the pieces, alias, together with Norguet, referenced the company's enduring philosophy of focusing on the end-user - the outcome a modular system open to various different yet coherent arrangements.


The range features tables of mixed dimensions and ergonomic, comfortable seating - in total 18 different elements offering strong resistance, durability and easy maintenance. The pieces are composed of sheet steel and cement - the two materials combined by means of expert techniques, then skilfully moulded to achieve the ergonomic qualities with the cement surfaces all having been sanded by hand. In the seating the perforated sheet metal body, which rests on the concrete base results in a textured surface and alongside the chairs - with and without arms - the benches and two-person tables consist of a cast concrete base and complimentary sheet metal top. There are also plans to build two roofs to provide shelter in the event of bad weather, outer barriers with an aluminium framework, lighting, steel ashtrays and bins with a corian top to enhance the design, and a trio of unusually shaped flower pots.


'working in perfect harmony with the McDonald’s team and Patrick Norguet’s firm, we have succeeded in interpreting their ideas to the full: creating a personal, friendly and high quality outdoor space. A place where even a short break can provide an opportunity to relax and unwind. the plastic elegance and formal purity of each complement - a unique aspect of the designer’s style - are enhanced by the power and simplicity of the materials skilfully worked by alias,' CEO and architect renato stauffacher.


'I draw on a quality of the space that fits into a time that meets the demands and requirements specific to McDonald's. Not quite out nor quite in, the terrace is experienced as an extension of the restaurant, a separate space for a different experience. It is also a major project for me because we were able to connect two worlds around the project, and thus develop products of high quality.' Patrick Norguet


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Images courtesy of Patrick Norguet

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