~ Susanne de Graef// The Rhythm of Light

One of the more amazing and certainly most interesting conceptually and visually is the design titled 'The Rhythm of Light' by Dutch designer Susanne de Graef.  Exploring the relationship between movement and light, Susanne de Graef’s new project reflects the cyclical nature of sunrise and sunset, while exploring the basic elements of life. Beautiful work and an interesting concept, I love the dramatic scale and it's unique movement. You can also see a different version of Susanne's work at La Chance and a video of the light in action here.


‘The sun rises and she sets, she warms us, she lets us see and she gives things their colours. Sunrise and sunset is an endless ritual that defines life and is connected to everything on earth. The Rhythm of Light is about this daily ritual that repeats itself every day, again and again.’  - Susanne de Graef


De Graef used powder-coated aluminum u-profiles and coloured threads strung at specific distances apart. As the aluminum circles move downwards or upwards, the shining centre light reflects differently on the threads, which are hung in a gradient like a rainbow. 


‘The centre weight of the light makes it possible to create a smooth movement of the light object, adding that the device can be set in a still position if desired. I wanted to design a lighting object that is adjustable to the wishes of the user in terms of atmosphere and form.’ - Susanne de Graef


Susanne De Graef says she begins every new project by making a collage, and this process helps her to visualize the final product. 

‘Designing is something I do in an intuitive way. I’m driven by a certain feeling and I want the design to carry out this same feeling.' - Susanne de Graef


A 2010 graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, de Graef is a young newcomer to the scene. She says this project defines light not as something static, but as an essential element that brings rhythm and movement to spaces.


The rhythm of light

A day begins,

the sun rises.

The sun starts her daily rhythm, 

she rises and she sets,

This is a never-ending story with 

a beginning and an end,

it  repeats itself every day.

The light we use in our houses is very static,

almost like it’s something that’s frozen,

But light is not something that is static, 

it lives.

Light is movement, 

it has its own rhythm.

I designed a lamp with its own rhythm.

The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by

moving the lamp up and down,

the layers mingle,

the light get’s diffuse and the layers turn into

a game of colours.


All images courtesy of Susanne de Graef