~ United Visual Artists// Always/ Never , London

I came across these images of an installation ' Always /Never' by London based art and design practice United Visual Artists based in London and working internationally. UVA create work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance and digital installation. United Visual Artists have created the worked titled Always/Never, which is the result of UVA’s recent investigations of the perception of time.


Always/Never is a grid of pyramidal elements inspired by the sundial, each passing through time at a different rate.


Changing patterns of light and shadow create the illusion of a fluid surface; shifting combinations of colours from nature recall different times of day.


A new work that explores time and our experience of its passing. The sculpture employs projected geometric patterns of light and shade, like a complex sundial.


Always/Never demonstrates how passing units of time are somewhat artificial and highly relative, by using projected geometric patterns of light and shade like a more complex sundial. The viewer’s perception of time is subtly altered by a different system of time measurement to what they have previously encountered.


Powder Coated Steel, Timber, LED, Code

1750 x 2900 x 174 mm

Images courtesy of United Visual Artists