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Going back to Miami for this post, Güiro is an art bar installation by artist duo Los Carpinteros for Absolut Art Bureau.

Los Carpinteros have created a large-scale architectural construction based on the concept of an open-air art bar. 

The pavilion - a perfectly assembled masterpiece of German engineering, which arrived flat-packed in Miami just a few days before its opening on 5 December - housed an eliptical bar which ran for the duration of this year's Art Basel Miami Beach. Cool photography & a great idea for a short term installation.


The title of the work, Güiro, is the name of a traditional Cuban percussion instrument made from the shell of a dried tropical fruit. This dried fruit has also had many other functions within Cuban culture, as a container for food, and as a drinking vessel. The word Güiro is also a word used in Cuban slang to connote a party. The Güiro represents many fundamental aspects of life; the rhythm of music, the sharing of food and drink, and the euphoria of celebration. 


The slatted oval-shaped building will be lit from within, emphasizing its grid structure and making it a glowing beacon of light in the surrounding area. 


The rectangular openings in the slatted walls function as seating for visitors, while a centrally positioned circular bar will serve a range of Absolut cocktails. From here, the bartenders have an absolute panoptic overview of the whole space. Many institutional buildings such as libraries, schools and prisons use the concept of the panopticon in order to optimize the surveillance of the building and the individuals who use it. The Güiro has been designed with this purpose in mind, linking this newly created structure with previous works in which Los Carpinteros have investigated issues of surveillance and power.


A specially curated program of live music, performances and activities will take place in the Güiro creating an immersive experience of all the senses. Distinguished Mallorcan composer Joan Valent has conceived a special program of music highlighting the sounds of the Güiro instrument.


The Güiro art bar is located on the Oceanfront at Miami Beach between 21st and 22nd street. The bar is close to other public art installations in Collins Park, exhibited in the Art Public section of Art Basel Miami Beach.


Absolut Art Bureau

Photographs Roberto Chamorro

Discovered via Wallpaper