~ Louis Vuitton// Objets Nomades at Design Miami

Objets Nomades a collection of the 15 travel inspired objects designed in partnership with new and established designers. From a hammock in precious "Nomade" leather to a "Maracatu" cabinet de voyage, the Objets Nomades are a mixture of foldable furniture and travel accessories, crafted in the finest materials and made as unique pieces, limited editions or experimental prototypes. They pay homage to the House's special orders of the past with a contemporary spirit continuing Louis Vuitton's tradition of offering its customers new visions of how to travel.

Ok, so not your typical travel items, but beautiful & wish they were in my onboard luggage


Constance Guisset// 'col de voyage'

Col de Voyage and Lunettes de Sommeil, objects inspired by the idea of Voyage and imagined for Louis Vuitton’s Objects Nomades collection designed by Constance Guisset.


Elegant accomplices in our travel, this objects aim to be companions of a parenthesis that exits outside time. The idea was to reconceive the traditional travel kit through a deep research in ergonomy, foam and fabric comfort and harmony in shapes.


"Travelling is a door through which one leaves reality to penetrate into an unexplored reality, which seems like a dream", Guy de Maupassant


LV worked with a various designers such as maarten baaspatricia urquiola, nendo’s oki satoatelier oi and christian liaigre to conceive the pieces - including hanging chairs, lamps, foldable furniture and travel accessories.


handbags  by Patricia Urquiola transform into stools Spanish designer  Patricia Urquiola created a stool that unfurls from a handbag, inspired by Louis Vuitton's Monogram flower pattern.


Patricia Urquiola's 'swing chair'


roll-out lamp by Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo contributed a lamp made from a curled piece of perforated leather and backlit by LED bulbs.


solar-powered 'Bell-lamp' by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby


Solar powered, portable Murano glass lamp for Louis Vuitton’s Objet Nomades collection. The lamp is solar-powered but can also be charged via a discreet USB port at its base.


hammock by atelier oi 

Atelier oï created two objects: a leather hammock and a folding leather stool.


'Inspired by the imagery of travel and of the great expeditions of the late 19th century, we decided to reinterpret a travel classic: the folding stool.'


The stool is the result of the close observation of fine leatherwork principles, expressing craftsmanship and savoir-faire, allied to atelier oï ’s research on origami, the Japanese art of folding.


'In materializing the art of folding, we transposed historical malletier techniques, such as the use of rigid membrane wrapped in soft skin, using modern materials. Thus, a light and thin leather satchel is able to transform into a seat in a single movement, allowing a pause during the journey …'


Available in different color compositions, the stool can stand as a unique item or live together with other pieces of the family.


'Following the development of the folding seat, we were inspired by the theme of afternoon naps to reinterpret a travel classic: the hammock. Benefitting from the first project, from Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and our own work on the shaping of textile ribbon and mesh, we transposed the entire research to leather .'


Through the process of torsion, weaving, pinching, and pleating, a structure was born – a weave of fine leather ribbons, in the form of 'farfalle', providing volume and strength to a simple leather strip. 'Thus, a leather strip becomes a 3D mesh of body, aesthetic, and comfort, inviting us to relaxation and enjoyment ...'


stool by Atelier Oï

'Just with a cut we can create a channel, so we don't have any added elements,' said Reymond, explaining that it was inspired by the origami shapes of a Hussein Chalayan skirt


case for stool by Atelier Oï

"You can fold it and go to the third dimension in one movement," designer Aurel Aebi.

'When you are playing with the material you find these references, and you find also the solution,..We saw that it was interesting to squeeze the leather to create the three-dimensional structure, and to create the comfort and the volume of the object.'  Patrick Reymond


Fernando and Humberto Campana created a hanging travel cabinet made from leather offcuts from Louis Vuitton's workshops.

'Each one is different,..We named them after the fruits of Brazil – each one has the name of a fruit, because the first idea was that it would be like a fruit hanging from a tree.'  Fernando Campana


Maracatu hanging cabinet

'The name Maracatu comes from a dance, a ritual dance from Brazil,...They use wigs and clothes with stripes of cloth, and they twist to make this movement.'  Humberto Campana. 


Inside the travel cabinet are shelves and a light, and it also comes in a more minimal brown leather version without the swinging tassels.


Handbag Lamp by Thierry Gaugain


Bag Hanger by Perrine Desmons

The collection launched at Louis Vuitton in Miami's Design District during Design Miami, will be available from the New Bond Street branch in London this month.

Images of Col de Voyage and Lunettes de Sommeil courtesy of Constance Guisset

Images Via Dezeen

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