Alvi Design / Alvisilkchair by Åsa Kärner

Sculptural & beautifully crafted, the design of the alvisilkchair designed by Åsa Kärner of Alvi design combines environmental criteria in it's design from the outset. The back and seat created using silk thread strung through the frame, sitting somewhere between art & design, read more about Åsa's inspiration for the design.


My ambition is to design furniture and products, using environment-friendly materials with long durability, a focus on sustainable production methods and humane working conditions. These are the criteria I use as a platform for my design and production.


alvisilkchair - environmental friendly seating furniture with silk thread tightened around a bearing oak frame. The transparent expression is in focus, which creates new forms and brings forth a perception of weightlessness, while the light produces new shadow plays from the thread works.


The inspirational sources for alvisilkchair was the threading and interlace techniques. Another source of inspiration is an installation “Lignium”, by artist Ann Hamilton, that I saw at the Wannås Sculpture Park in the south of Sweden. She had strung thin flaxen threads between the beams in a barn. It was striking how she, using very simple means, created new dimensions and spatial concepts. 


The harps delicate, yet powerful, expression fascinates me, as well as its construction with strings that are thin and yet strong. I got the idea to use silk thread to the chair at a lecture and concert with the 3000-year old chinese string instrument Qin, with strings made of silk thread. The long-staple silk is the strongest natural fiber with long durability wich is proved by the fact that there are very old, well preserved Qin instruments still in existence today. Besides silk is a material that has a relatively low environmental impact. That is why I chose to use it for alvisilkchair.


All images courtesy of Alvi Design