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You may have seen or visited the wonderful jewel-like interior of Diptyque Leadenhall Market, London designed by Christopher Jenner, now you have the opportunity to bring an element of the design into your own space. Created by the studio, the 'Devisor' shelving collection comes in a range of designs and is self-assembly, of which I'm a big fan-allen key ready. One of the elements that I admire about the Devisor range is that it's beautifully crafted by artisans, whose skills we need to preserve. I'm glad to see that there is a resurgence of artisan crafted elements in design, as the fashion world recognising the significance of the embroiderers & beaders to set apart their work.


'There is an urgent need to preserve the special qualities and crafts for which European craftsman are traditionally valued. This collection showcases these skills..'

Christopher Jenner


'Devisor' is a range of shelving units which marries Italian craftsmanship and British design. Inspired by ancient oriental principles of balance and harmony the collection explores the nature of interaction and relationship.

Interconnected vertical and horizontal geometry create dynamic display systems defined by the contrasting use of wood and metal. 


'to devise is to arrange, construct and design - with devisor one becomes the designer of ones memories and precious possessions' 

Christopher Jenner


Produced by a small family run company in Northern Italy, showcasing the skill and dedication of european craftsman, the shelves are shipped flat-packed with clear technical drawings and a bespoke Devisor key, offering a unique, Meccano-like pleasure of self assembly.


‘When I first met with the siblings they presented me with what I can only describe as the most beautiful factory I had ever seen. A classic modernist structure filled with light and spotlessly clean.'


View of the factory where Devisor shelving is made


The shelving and material parings include: Indian Rosewood and Brushed Brass, Pear Wood with Brushed Copper and Oak and Stainless Steel. 

Using a metallic edge paired with timber, giving a great contrast of materials.


'The many hand turned metal components from the threads to the horizontal sections and feet are untreated, allowing for the development of an oxidised patina over a lifetime'


The shelves are available for pre-order at


, with shipping commencing in February. The shelves compliment the “Devisor” Wallpaper collection, also by Christopher Jenner.


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Christopher Jenner