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I came across the beautiful textural work of Giles Miller Studio, based in London, the studio created the entrance to Clerkenwell Design Week 2012 in the form of a timber archway made up of 20,000 angled wooden pixels. The studio produces innovative solutions for interiors and surface development. Inspiring work.

Giles started with a project making furniture for the homeless & then moved into textured surfaces after completing work for Stella McCartney's store, quite a start & an innovative approach to surface design.

When I come across a designer or studio that inspired me, I always want to ask a few questions, and fortunately I was able to ask Giles Miller more about his inspiration.


How did you start specialising in textured surfaces?

Was there a particular project that started it off?

I began working in surfaces having studied a furniture course and discovered the joys of corrugated cardboard. I undertook a self-directed project which involved making furniture for the homeless and after some investigation discovered that I could layer the cardboard and use it to pixelate imagery. A process like this could be applied to a whole host of objects and situations, but I was contacted by Stella McCartney whilst studying for a masters who asked if I could apply it to a wall covering for their shop in Paris, and that was where the move into surfaces began.


The Clerkenwell Archway, May 2012 // The entrance to Clerkenwell Design Week


 What's one of the best things youv'e learned in the process?

Its been a couple of years now since the surface design began for me, but I think the biggest lesson was not to try too hard to be anything in particular, but rather be true to my own design sensitivity. Our studio is now full of people, and the design values are generic throughout the work that we do, so we are able to push our own creative progress further than ever.


Where do you get inspiration from for a new project?

New projects tend to be developments from our existing products or themes. We break ground during our studio development time, and then wait for opportunities to put new ideas into context. We also enjoy working alongside clients to bring fresh creativity to our process. The concept of our surfaces is creating interesting ways to create imagery, and clients are encouraged to bring their imagery to the table which always ads something to the mix.


Horses at Selfridges for Stella McCartney


Fluting // Corrugated Cardboard. Horses at Selfridges for Stella McCartney, May 2011


Timber Alexander Tiles, small hexagonal tile laid on a surface at varied angles


Bespoke Surface commissioned by Ritz-Carlton Hotels


Rosaic, Etched Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel.


Ceramic Alexander Tile


Cemile surface in Copper

Thanks to Giles & the Studio for sharing their work & inspiration.

All images courtesy of Giles Miller Studio

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