~ OMA for Knoll// Prada preview

OMA's think tank AMO has once again designed the set for Prada's fashion show, lining the perimeter of the A/W 2013 catwalk in domestic scenes furnished with pieces from OMA's new collection for Knoll. I have posted previously about OMA here. Exciting preview of what's to come, the 12-piece furniture collection to be launched at the Salone del Mobile later this year.


As an inversion of the traditional catwalk configuration, AMO conceives a set built around the perimeter of the audience, which is seated on an irregularly shaped central island. The audience faces an "ideal house": an interior populated with geometric furniture, objects and manifestations of everyday life. The models weave through this set, acting as characters in a sequence of sophisticated domestic scenes.


A series of images are projected through multiple windows frames onto the perimeter wall. They alternate between outdoor urban images and interiors, expanding the show space and working as backdrop to the interior sets.


The stage and the island are built in wood. The entire scene is unified by a neutral light grey color that covers both stage and the perimeter wall. Furniture is built in wood, metal and Plexiglas in combination with paper textures, while objects are realized in blue foam and / or painted wood.


The abstract and geometric furniture that populate the ideal house are anticipations of the upcoming series designed by OMA for Knoll: a collection of 12 pieces of essential design and maximum adjustability that meet the most diverse range of uses.


'extend the Knoll tradition of exploring dynamic space-planning ideas based on datums for the contemporary work,' 

Photos: Agostino Osio, Giovanna Silva, and Phil Meech

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