Jasper Morrison / Still life composition

Partly just because I like Jasper Morrisons work, Iconic British designer & partly because I like the idea of a sculpture out fo everyday things that transforms them into more than the sum of their parts. The images are from an idea seen in Japser Morrisons studio for 2012 design week as seen in Apartmento. Still life composed of tape. Pure enjoyment of colour and shape.

Textures, colours, sizes and a variety of functions are the defining differences between the hundreds of tapes which have been assembled with the purpose of examining the extreme variations and seductive nature of an object type with which we are all familiar.
— Jasper Morrison Studio

View of Jasper Morrison's Studio , Design Week 2012, photo by Nicola TreeA still life composition of Jasper Morrison’s Tape collection.

Concept by Omar Sosa, Photography by Nacho Alegre assisted by Sergio Conde.